Rosetta Stone Kitchenware

About Rosetta Stone Kitchenware Company

Rosetta Stone Kitchenware was created after falling in love with the long-established Brazilian cookware and learning about its origins.

The art of soapstone carving is rooted in the carving traditions of the African communities, which inhabited Brazil during the slave trade of the early European settlers. European influences intertwined with ancestral African beliefs, better known as “Magic”, representing a successful expression of the rich cultural influx that populated Brazil during the colonial era.

Over time, each ethnic group’s cultural wealth was passed on by noble families, whose traditions survive in the miner communities of contemporary Brazil. Today, such wealth is kept alive in the carving shops that individual families, sometimes organized into co-operatives, operate. Contemporary carvers fabricate architectural objects (such as fountains, columns and other utilitarian objects) as well as the attractive hand-carved pots we are bringing to you. Each of these surviving communities possesses its own “signature” or carving style.

We are proud to introduce to Canada the beauty and traditions of Brazilian soapstone cookware, and hope you will appreciate the benefits of cooking with these beautiful pots as much as we do.