Rosetta Stone Kitchenware

About Natural Soapstone Cookware

Soapstone cookware is handcrafted from individual blocks of natural soapstone, bringing the beauty of the earth to your table. Cooking with stone is a sustainable way to reduce energy consumption. Its thickness and density retains heat twice as long as conventional metal cookware thereby reducing cooking time. Our cookware is made of non-toxic natural materials.

Rossetta Stone soapstone cookware is designed to enhance the art of dining. Smoothly carved stone encircled by a ring of copper, the presentation of food in the stoneware is a distinctive way to serve your hors d’oeuvres, entrees or desserts.

A metamorphic rock, soapstone contains numerous minerals which determine its variations in hue, and colouration. What this means, is that each piece of your cookware will be unique with colours that vary from a charcoal patina to a chocolate or golden marbling.

To prepare each stoneware piece for its long life in your kitchen, it must first be seasoned or cured with oil and heat. During this process your soapstone will reveal its individual hidden beauty and character. The soapstone’s absorption of the oil also leaves it with a non-stick finish also making it easy to clean.

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